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TC Hoops TMT Academy

TC Hoops TMT (Twelve Month Training) Academy has been developed to track and guide players through an entire year of Tryouts, Fall Ball, Winter Traveling Ball, Spring/Summer AAU Ball, and general off season training and development.

The TMT Academy is designed to fully focus on the development of the player as an individual - to establish and expand skill set.  Players participating in the TMT Academy will be tracked and evaluated throughout the year and hopefully throughout their playing careers.  TC Hoops TMT will deliver a college prep basketball curriculum to your player in order to prepare them to participate at the highest level they desire to play.  TC Hoops TMT cannot guarantee a collegiate scholarship but we can facilitate for the athlete the work ethic dynamic, recruiting protocol, and networking opportunities to assist in the journey to the next level of play.

This concept will begin consisting of 6 players from their respective Graduating Classes and will span 10 graduating classes (3rd grade thru 12th).

Space is very limited for this instructional group.  Coach Coley is limiting his enrollment to 60 total players this inaugural of this training template so he can effectively manage and focus on the progress of his students in this Academy.

Calendar Design - August 2015 to July 2016
  • August - Evaluation program for entry into TMT program
  • September  thru Oct - $200 (8 - 1hr sessions during this period)
  • November thru March - $200 (8 - 1hr sessions during this period)
  • April thru May - $200 (8 - 1hr sessions during this period)
  • June thru July - $200 (8 - 1hr sessions during this period)
Players will participate in developmental lessons for a complete year under the tutelage of Coach Tylor Coley.

Players will be grouped by Grad Class with concept of training until graduation.